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About Us

Rag Doll Mission Statement: Provide Affordable, High Quality Makeup!

My creative energy flows best where Makeup and Hair are concerned; helping others to reflect their inner beauty on the outside is very rewarding and will continue to be a passion of mine throughout my life.

Development of Rag Doll Cosmetics began in 2004 while I was attending Beauty School. Being the makeup enthusiast that I am, I would travel to many Cosmetics Stores and buy everything I could afford! As soon as I arrived home, I would excitedly try out my new shadows and blush only to experience extreme disappointment! Due to the lack of pigment, I often found myself applying excessive layers of eye shadow in order to achieve the advertised color. I struggled also with finding a suitable makeup to fill in my eyebrows! As someone who fills their eyebrows in daily, they are the most important aspect of face! I would pour so much time & energy into constructing gorgeous brows only to have them feather and smear because of oily skin!

After countless let downs, I made it my mission to create a worthy brand of makeup with flawless wear that lasted through the day and night. I wanted HIGHLY PIGMENTED, FINELY MILLED SHADOWS AND BLUSH for a smooth application and vibrant color that would not succumb to natural oils. What began as a simple solution to an ongoing personal issue resulted in a full blown makeup line! So after almost 7 years of developing Rag Doll Cosmetics it is finally ready & I hope you love it as much as I do!


All products are formulated specifically for Rag Doll Cosmetics from an outside Manufacturer. Purchase and use of any product from Rag Doll Cosmetics requires the understanding that all products are for External Use only & should not be ingested. Rag Doll Cosmetics is solely a distributor and therefore not responsible for any negative skin reactions, allergic reactions, and/or failures pertaining to each product purchased by a client. 

If you have a medical condition, allergies or any health situation that might impact
your safe use of any cosmetic product or our listed ingredients, 
natural or synthetic, consult with your licensed physician before using our (or any) cosmetic product.

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